Dining This Year

Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Cleaning: Each location maintains a variety of tools and processes designed to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained at all times. Each associate has a Day-At-A-Glance Tool to use as a guide for specific cleaning requirements for every station and space.
  • High Touch Cleaning: Extra and frequent cleaning of all surfaces and items that are at higher risk of contamination.
  • Dining Rooms: Tables will be cleaned and sanitized immediately after guests leave a table before new guests sit down.
Hand Hygiene
  • Guests: Increased availability of handwashing stations, hand sanitizer, and targeted signage and communication to promote hand hygiene.
  • Employees: Substantial and ongoing hand hygiene training, an increased schedule of mandatory handwashing, and appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Product Safety
  • Vendors & Suppliers: All vendors and suppliers must pass stringent safety and sanitation requirements to gain and maintain approval. Additional controls will be placed on vendor deliveries to ensure the safe transfer of all products.
  • Food Safety: Standards for food receipt, storage, handling and preparation are very detailed and specific. Each step of the process is monitored and documented so that quality, temperature control and contamination risks are managed at all times.
Check-In Procedures
  • Daily Check-In: All members of our dining team undergo a daily check-in questionnaire before entering their workspace.

Safety in Action

Our team is showcasing these extensive safety protocols and procedures we’ve worked on this fall to keep our guests and our teams safe. In this message, our Director Tim Vandermeersch outlines some of our new protocols and features at our dining halls

A Message from our District Manager Tim Vandermeersch

Your Harvest Table Culinary Group team eagerly anticipates your return to campus every semester. We know safety is probably at the top of your minds in this ever-changing environment. I want to personally assure you that your safety is our #1 priority and we have developed new processes and protocols to address our new realities. Our commitment to quality, community and our environment hasn't changed and we look forward to listening and taking action to any needs you may have the coming semesters as we all find Our Way Forward.

Online Ordering
  • Grubhub Ordering: We continue to offer Grubhub ordering and pick up in all retail locations. The added convenience of our grocery program is also available through the Grubhub app on campus.
Grubhub Grocery Delivery
  • How it works:
    • Choose “delivery” in the Grubhub app for Wake Forest University
    • Choose “336 Market”
    • Choose 15 or more items to be delivered to you
    • Place your order 24 hours in advance
    • Your driver will contact you prior to delivery to let you know when your order will be delivered
    • The driver will wait 5 minutes for the customer to pick up the order
    • If the customer does not meet the driver within the 5 minute time span, the order will be ready for pickup at the 336 Market
    • Delivery times:
      • 10 am – 12 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm, 6 pm – 7 pm
      • No delivery on the weekends
    • Enjoy!

*This service is only available to on-campus residents, and students staying at Deacon Station during their quarantine/isolation period.

Service Style
  • Self Served Stations: All stations in our on-campus restaurants will now be self-serve, including salad bars and drink stations. Gloves and Hand sanitizers are available at every self-service station.
  • Green To-Go Boxes: Our reusable to-go box is a huge part of our sustainable dining program. We encourage guests who want to have the added convenience of dining on the go to sign up for this program. Reusable to-go containers will be available for a $5 refundable deposit and may be purchased using Food Dollars, Deacon Dollars, cash, and credit. If you plan to dine in and then take a box to go, you will be charged 2 meal swipes.
  • Contactless Payment: Please help us keep you safe with cashless transactions. We take pride in being able to offer you contactless payment options with Food Dollars, Deacon Dollars, Meal Swipes, Apple Pay, and Mastercard and Visa credit cards.
  • Payment Options By Location: Click here to see a break down of all dining locations and the contactless payment options available to you.
New Menus & Increased Grab-and-Go Options
  • Added Convenience: You have a busy schedule, so our chefs are introducing more on-the-go options in our retail restaurants. Enjoy in-house-made salads, fruit cups, and even more grab-an-go items along with our recently added grocery pick-up program.
Good Uncle
  • Food Delivery on Campus: Good Uncle is Wake’s premier meal delivery app that provides nutritious, high quality meals that are delivered to convenient spots on campus.
  • High Quality Meal Created by World-Class Chefs: Good Uncle’s menus were designed specifically for delivery by a Michelin-star chef, and unlike competitors, they do not charge a delivery fee.
  • Market Meals: Good Uncle will also provide meals in our markets across campus, so you can pick up a chef-made meal and enjoy it in the comfort of your home at your ceonvenience.
  • Learn More: Learn more by taking a look at the Good Uncle website.
The Porch
  • Your favorite local Cantina Restaurant: The Porch’s menus were designed specifically for guest’s to enjoy in a restaurant setting. Now by offering Grab-N-Go, you can experience restaurant dining in the comfort of your own kitchen.
  • Frozen and Fresh Meals: The Porch provided meals in our markets across campus, so you can pick up a chef-made meal either frozen or fresh.
  • Learn More: Learn more by taking a look at the Porch website and checking our Instagram @deacondining
We are here to answer any of your questions: Contact Us


Visit this link for the official source of information on COVID-19 for the Wake Forest University community.