A Look Into Romantic Cuisine

This week in the Pit, the International Grill has been taken over by a unique and eccentric, almost romantic cuisine. Monday kicked off the change of pace for the week, with a fresh and vibrant Frise Salad topped with freshly shaved Parmesano, Bacon and tomatoes from local Vertical Roots Farms. Paired with this colorful and tasty starter, was a Seared Lemon and Herb Marinated Mahi. Chef Justin Bass finished the meal with a crowd pleaser tidbit: Chapel Hill Creamery Brie was encased in a crispy and thin wrapper. Neighbored to this soft and subtle cheese was a scratch-made mango chutney, to add a sweet and sophisticated finishing taste to the meal.  The Pit will be continuing this extravaganza of opulent cuisine from 2/15/21-2/20/21.