Eat with Purpose

Here at Deacon Dining, we teach students, faculty, and staff about how they can Eat with Purpose. We teach them to be mindful of the impact their food choices have on physical, emotional, and environmental  health.


A style of cooking and eating that emphasizes, but is not limited to, plant based foods—including fruits and vegetables; whole grains; beans, legumes, nuts, seeds  and herbs and spices that reflect evidence-based principles of health.


A way of eating that recognizes and honors that food experiences go beyond the physical experience of fueling your body.  Eating with purpose emotionally includes connecting with the community around you, respecting the role of food in spirituality and practicing flexibility with food that supports mental health.


A way of selecting foods that minimize our impact on the environment and on those who face food insecurity. Purposefully choosing foods with specific third-party certifications (e.g. Organic, GAP Certified, Certified Humane, Fair Trade, etc.) relating to both the non-human environment and workers’ wellbeing. Selecting a plant-forward diet that prioritizes plant-based foods over animal-based foods.