Benson University Center


Meet me at Shorty's! At Shorty's, you can choose from burgers, chicken sandwiches, salad, quesadillas and more. With the Sports Pub-like theme, you'll be ready to sit back and enjoy a game on the tv with a burger, fries and friends! Whether you craft your own, or choose a specialty item like the Screamin' Deacon, you're sure to enjoy more than the ambiance, you're promised to enjoy the craft.

Forest Greens

Make it your way with Forest Greens. Forest Greens allows you to craft your own salad, grain bowl or sandwich, just how you like it. There's endless options for customization and flavor. At the end, they'll even shake up your salad for you to make sure you get dressing in every bite. Not in the mood for a salad? You can still satisfy your healthy cravings by ordering a delicious acai Sambazon bowl.


Who doesn't love Chick-Fil-A? Chick-Fil-A is one of the south's most popular chicken chains. Although we serve a limited menu, you can still grab your favorites like the Spicy Deluxe, crispy and hot Waffle Fries and their signature lemonade. Don't forget to grab your favorite sauces on your way out. We recommend eating this on the patio of Benson under the sun, on a warm beautiful WFU day.


Bento is our take on some international favorites. Their menu features Ramen, Udon, Bento Boxes, Always Fresh-Made Daily Sushi and a delicious Donburi Rice bowl. You can also find Bento sushi in the 336 market and P.O.Ds for a delicious and convenient snack.

La Sabrosa

La Sabrosa features a Latin-inspired menu offering build-your-own bowls, burritos, and salads. Our menu is crafted to be inclusive so our plant-forward approach allows us to consider many dietary needs. This convenient, balanced meal option is perfect for students on the go.

336 Market

The 336 Market is your one-stop-shop for hunger, thirst, beauty and skincare and even groceries. Trying to eat on the healthier side? Pick up one of your favorite Good Uncle meals. The cold or sunday scaries got you down? Order groceries from the 336 Market using your Grubhub App! You can even pour yourself a bottle of Alumni Created Updog Kombucha and sit outside with classmates. The 336 Market will be your go-to on campus spot.