North Dining Hall

Welcome to North Dining Hall

North Dining Hall features one of our two dining halls on campus, Hilltop Market, as well as a full on-campus marketplace, coffee shop and local restaurant! Read about each location below.

Village Juice & Kitchen

Village Juice & Kitchen is an exciting, local juice company from Winston-Salem, serving cold-pressed juices, delicious nut milks, filling smoothie bowls, fresh-made salads, and a tasty loaded toast menu.

Peet's Coffee

A hot cup of coffee is never far away. Located on the first floor of North Dining Hall. Peet’s is one of the best places on campus to grab a coffee and pastry, study and hang out with friends. This location offers a full service venue serving breakfast and lunch selections alongside specialty beverages.

Hilltop Market

The Hilltop Market offers the same excellence as the Pit, but in a convenient location to the North side of campus. With more of a relaxed ambiance, Hilltop Market offers International Favorites, salad bar, a sustainably procured blend for hamburgers, and freshly crafted desserts in the Deli by our very own pastry chef, David. In conjunction with the Edison Lights and quiet background noise of your favorite channel, Hilltop Market is cool, classy, and carries delicious servery options.

The P.O.D.

Located right behind Starbuck's, on the first floor of North Dining Hall, the P.O.D. allows you to grab all the essentials in one stop while you wait for your coffee to be finished up. You can grab a pint of Ben and Jerry's, a Lunchable, a Good Uncle meal to go and even PPE.