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Thanksgiving Break Hours

Shorty’s Thanksgiving Schedule

We will be serving Brunch & Dinner @ Shorty’s during Thanksgiving Break.

The complete Shorty’s menu will be available during our hours of operation with food dollar, cash or credit purchases.

A limited menu will also be available,   that can be purchased with Meal/Pit Swipes.

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday | 11-27 | 10:00A – 7:00P

Thursday | 11-28 | Closed

Friday | 11-29 | 10:00A – 7:00P

Saturday| 11-29 | 10:00A – 7:00P

Sunday | 12-1 | 10:00A – 9:00P

* Meal/Pit Swipes can be used @ Shorty’s until 4:00P on Sunday, Pit Reopens @ 4:00P

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Turkeypalooza 2019

“Beginning Nov. 17, Wake Forest volunteers will prepare about 350 traditional Thanksgiving meals in Campus Kitchen and deliver them to food-insecure Winston-Salem residents during Turkeypalooza.” -Laurie D. Willis

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Farm Forward Partnership

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Farm Forward, a non-profit organization that implements innovative strategies to promote conscientious food choices, reduce farmed animal suffering, and advance sustainable agriculture, as part of its Leadership Circle. You can read the full announcement by clickingn the button below.

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