Meet the Team

Tim Vandermeersch

District Manager

Tim has been working for Harvest Table Culinary Group for over 30 years. His favorite hobbies include woodworking and golf. He feels he can best describe Harvest Table Culinary Group with the words, "Local Presence!"

Danish Khan

Senior Controller

Danish has been with the company for over 25 years! His favorite hobbies include gardening, collecting wine, traveling, and visiting new restaurants. Danish believes the best way to describe Harvest Table Culinary Group is "unique!"

Jasmine Davis

Associate Experience Manager

What stood out to Jasmine about Harvest Table Culinary Group was our mission: "Every meal tells a story. We are committed to responsibly sourced ingredients, scratch-made cooking, and local partners that help connect our community and ensure every experience is healthful, memorable, and delicious!" Jasmine's favorite food is tacos and she loves to travel!

Robin Day

Director of Hospitality Services

Something you may not know about Robin is that she collects refrigerator magnets! Her favorite dish is cottage cheese with a drizzle of bbq sauce. She describes Harvest Table Culinary Group as "rewarding!"

Ryan Melino

Director of Hospitality Services

Ryan enjoys spending time with his two daughters, wife, and their bernadoodle, Murphy. Homemade spaghetti is his favorite food. Ryan enjoys working for Harvest Table because be believes that "life is all about relationships" and the HTCG’s commitment to "growing communities" continues to offer him many great platforms to grow relationships in his life.

Lexi Ciaccia

Guest Experience Manager

Lexi knows that Harvest Table is a welcoming place where everyone has a seat at the table. Her favorite food is her mom's spaghetti sauce and meatballs and her biggest hobby is woodworking!

Madison Fishler

Registered Dietitian

Some little known facts about Madison are that she loves college basketball and Trader Joe's. Her favorite meal is tacos! When summarizing Harvest Table Culinary Group, Madison feels "Innovative" is the best way to describe the company!

Ryan Smith

Director of Culinary Development

Chef Ryan's favorite activities include sports, movies, and spending time with his children. He enjoys attending their sporting events, theater, and singing performances. Every Friday is board game night (they have a lot!). His favorite thing about working for Harvest Table Culinary Group is being able to work with outstanding people, food, and venues!

Dustin Sriver

Executive Chef

Dustin has been in the culinary world for 17 years. His favorite food is cheeseburgers! When Dustin isn't in the kitchen, you can usually find him coaching basketball or reading. His favorite thing about working for Harvest Table Culinary Group is that we are very chef-driven.

Mark Block

Hospitality Services Director

Mark is an avid reader and spends his free time with his dog exploring the wilderness. His favorite food is green peas; he believes they go well with everything! He describes Harvest Table as "an inspiring place to work!"

Beth Watts

Hospitality Services Director

Beth loves working for Harvest Table Culinary Group because she feels that her peers and colleagues are what make this company a family.

Bernard Gannon

Hospitality Services Director

Bernard is an avid bike rider who loves to travel as well. To pick a favorite food would be too challenging, Bernard says, "I love it all!" He loves working at Harvest Table Culinary Group "because of its commitment to excellence in all aspects of food service."

Jon McKaig

Assistant Director of Hospitality Services

Jon's favorite food is steak and he loves to hike! He also loves to travel and explore new places. Jon has enjoyed working for Harvest Table Culinary Group because every day is different and filled with new experiences and new varieties of flavors to try!

Frank Busch


Whether it's at the beach surfing or hiking in the mountains, Frank is there! He loves spending time outdoors with his wife, Laura Love and daughter, Bella Joy. Being a vegan, Frank loves that Harvest Table Culinary Group always has fresh foods and an abundance of plant-based options. He always tries to build a rainbow on his plate!

Alycia Aspinall


Alycia loves all food, but has recently been loving cotton candy grapes! One of her favorite pastimes is reading, and her favorite thing about working at Harvest Table Culinary Group is "the people."

Gray Stone

Hospitality Services Manager

Gray loves a good filet mignon. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing sudoku, working on cars, and playing video games. His favorite thing about Harvest Table Culinary Group is seeing the passion and creativity in everything we serve. Gray thinks it is "amazing having the ability to give our guests an exceptional product every day."

Krissy Hinshaw


Krissy brings so much energy and light to work every day! When she is not at work, she loves to garden and spend time with her goddaughter, Madison! When asked why she enjoys working for Harvest Table Culinary Group, she said, "this is a company that's all about its people. It's wonderful to be surrounded by individuals who are so passionate about what they do. Everyone is willing to teach each other and go the extra mile. These are not just coworkers, but FAMILY!"

Abdule Stone


Cooking is Abdules favorite hobby, and his favorite food is steak! Abdule is excited to work for Harvest Table Culinary Group becuase of the opportunity to work in higher education.

Ashley Hunt

Hospitality Services Manager

Ashley loves people who don't know how wonderful they are and just wander around making the world a better place. She wants to know, is coffee a food? Because that's her favorite dish. If she had to describe Harvest Table Culinary Group with one word, she'd say "dedicated!"

Kalyn Padgett

Chef de Cuisine

Kalyn is an avid reader who loves Asian foods! Kalyn likes that Harvest Table Culinary Group is about community and team building because our people are what keep us going, they are quintessential in our foundation, and working for a company that knows and believes that is so important.

Levin Funes

Chef de Cuisine

With Levin's passion for cooking and time spent with his family, our scratch-made kitchen and chef-driven values here at Harvest Table Culinary Group stood out to him. We are thrilled to have him on our team and look forward to seeing his creativity flourish!

Greg Soukup

Chef de Cuisine

Greg loves anything fresh from his garden. In his free time, he loves to find new hiking trails or a place to snorkel! Greg says the best thing about working for Harvest Table Culinary Group is "the freshness and all the different options to choose from."

Jessica Wallace

Catering Director

Jessica's favorite part about her job is that she loves being a part of the Wake Forest community! Her go-to dish is anything with shrimp! Jessica feels that Harvest Table Culinary Group is "simply delicious!"

Joanne Dagostino

Catering Manager

Did you say Italian food? Joanne is there! When Joanne isn't running the catering brigade, you can find her chilling with her pups, baking, painting, or redecorating rooms in her home. Ongoing experiences, as well as making guests happy with food, are some of Joanne's favorite things about Harvest Table Culinary Group.

Sean Devine

Catering Chef

Sean is an incredible chef with a strong work ethic. When he isn't hard at work, he spends time with his grandson! Sean enjoys working for Harvest Table Culinary Group because he enjoys working in higher education!