Meet the Team

Tim Vandermeersch

District Manager

Tim has been working for Harvest Table Culinary Group for over 30 years. His favorite hobbies include woodworking and golf. He feels he can best describe Harvest Table Culinary Group with the words, "Local Presence!"

Danish Khan

Senior Controller

Danish has been with the company for over 25 years! His favorite hobbies include gardening, collecting wine, traveling and visiting new restaurants. Danish believes the best way to describe Harvest Table Culinary Group is "unique!"

Martine Cherry

Director of Associate Relations

It’s an exciting time for human resources and I am thrilled to be the HTCG “People Leader”. Martin's favorite food is Homemade chips and her favorite way to describe Harvest Table Culinary Group is phenomenal.

Robin Day

Director of Hospitality Services

Something you may not know about Robin is that she collects refrigerator magnets. Her favorite dish is cottage cheese with a drizzle of bbq sauce and she'd describe Harvest Table Culinary Group as rewarding!

Lexi Ciaccia

Guest Experience Manager

Lexi knows that Harvest Table is a welcoming place where everyone has a seat at the table. Her favorite food is her mom's spaghetti sauce and meatballs and her biggest hobby is woodworking!

Madison Fishler

Registered Dietitian

Some little known facts about Madison is that she loves college basketball and Trader Joe's. Her favorite meal is tacos and when summarizing Harvest Table Culinary Group, Madison feels "Innovative" is the best way to describe the company!

Ryan Smith

Director of Culinary Development

Some of Chef Ryan's favorite activities include sports, movies, and his children. He enjoys attending their sporting events, theater and singing performances, and every Friday night is board game night (they have a lot!). Chef Ryan is a graduate of IUP Academy of Culinary Arts and has been in the culinary business for 7 years. He has worked in many specialty areas including resorts, country clubs, healthcare and higher education. His favorite thing about working for Harvest Table Culinary Group is being able to work with outstanding people, food and venues. He is a huge fan of being a part of a culture and team that strives to create the ideal customer experience everyday by providing excellence in culinary, leadership, service, and presentation.

Mark Block

Hospitality Services Director

Mark is an avid reader and spends his free time with his dog exploring the wilderness. His favorite food is green peas, as he believes they go well with everything! He describes Harvest Table as an Inspiring place to work!

Beth Watts

Assistant Hospitality Services Director

Beth loves working for Harvest Table Culinary Group because she feels her peers and colleagues are what make this company a family.

Gray Stone

Hospitality Services Manager

Gray loves a good filet mignon and when he isn't serving our guests he enjoys playing sudoku, working on cars, and playing video games. His favorite thing about Harvest Table Culinary Group is seeing the passion and creativity in everything we serve. Gray thinks that it is amazing to be able to give our guests an exceptional product every day.

Luke Pollum

Chef De Cuisine

Luke has been working in the culinary field for over 30 years and he enjoys experimenting with authentic cultural cuisines from all over the world. His favorite dish is Mushkaki Beef Skewers and he is most excited about working with Harvest Table Culinary Group because he appreciates their focus on how, as an industry, we can positively impact our guest's health!

Tyson LaRose

Chef de Cuisine

Tyson's favorite food is his sister Abby's homemade chicken pie. When he isn't in the kitchen at The Pit, Tyson enjoys combat sports, basketball and geek culture. Tyson's favorite thing about Harvest Table is his amazing team. He feels as thought the sky is the limit with them alongside.

Mike Scalcione

Hospitality Services Director

Mike's favorite thing to do is to help make the student's overall dining experience a home away from home! His favorite dish noon or night, is homemade ravioli with meatballs and bracoile. Speaking of homemade, Mike feels he can best describe Harvest Table Culinary group with the word, "Fresh!"

Leana Brown

Hospitality Services Manager

Leana works at the North Dining Hall! She describes Harvest Table Culinary Group as Exciting!

Eric Nooe

Chef de Cuisine

One of Eric's favorite foods is curried lentils over basmati rice with buttery, garlic naan bread. When he's not cooking something delicious for our guests at Hilltop Market, Eric is on a breakfast date with his daughter, playing sports or tripping to vineyards. The passion to grow together as chefs from all of his colleagues is Eric's favorite thing about Harvest Table Culinary Group.

Kelly Shipmon

Hospitality Services Director

Kelly is the Hospitality Services Director for a large portion of our retail locations. When Kelly isn't on campus she enjoys collecting holiday decorations. When it comes to favorite's anything but ketchup! Kelly's favorite thing about working for Harvest Table Culinary Group is that she loves how cutting edge our program is and that we care about the future of the world.

Carl Jackson

Hospitality Services Manager

A little known fact about Carl is that he joined us from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! His favorite type of cuisine is asian food and he describes Harvest Table Culinary Group by their link to the local community!

Lauren Catha

Hospitality Services Manager

A fun fact about Lauren is that she bakes wedding cakes! Her favorite food is korean food and she describes Harvest Table Culinary Group as Warm!

Ashley Hunt

Hospitality Services Manager

Ashley loves people who don't know how wonderful they are and just wander around making the world a better place. She wants to know, is coffee a food? Because that's her favorite dish. If she had to describe Harvest Table Culinary Group with one word, she'd say "Dedicated!"

Jessica Wallace

Catering Director

Jessica's favorite part about her job is that she loves being a part of the Wake Forest community! Her go to dish is anything with shrimp and with that, she feels that Harvest Table Culinary Group is simply, delicious!

Sean Devine

Chef de Cuisine - Catering

Joanne Dagostino

Catering Manager

Did you say Italian food? Joanne is there! When Joanne isn't running the catering brigade, you can find her chilling with her pups, baking, painting, or redecorating rooms in her home. The ongoing experiences as well as the guests that she makes happy with food are some of Joanne's favorite things about Harvest Table Culinary Group.