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Our Story

Our Promise

We expect our food to taste good, but we want it to do more than that. We want to know where it came from. How it’s made.  Who prepared it. We want it to tell a story. We promise to share these authentic, personalized, and collaborative food stories with our guests.

Quality is Our Commitment

Our chefs go beyond technique and flavor development—they stay true to the Deacon Dining culinary commitments from sourcing to preparation.

Our Culinary Commitments

Simple, clean, & honest

We keep our ingredients as clean as possible, so they taste the way nature intended. That means no artificial ingredients, additives or synthetic chemicals.

Meet the Team

Our team is always here for you! Read more about the members of our Dining Leadership team and to learn fun facts about us and how we describe our group.


From Pop-Ups to Supper Clubs, WOW events to Dining Hall takeovers, we do these for our guests to mix up their daily dining routine. Check out some of the events we hold on campus each semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that it can be confusing starting out at a new home away from home, especially when it comes to something as important as daily meals. We don't want our guests to worry, that's why we make all our meals from scratch, so it tastes just like home. There's nothing sweeter than finding the answers to your questions at any time. Read more about any lingering thoughts you may have.