Gold Apron

The Deacon Dining Wellness Program partners with the Office of Wellbeing and Campus Recreation to offer weekly hands on nutrition events, translating the Harvest Table commitments into real life nutritionally balanced experiences.  We provide recipes and activities aimed to help faculty, staff and students to approach eating well with confidence.  The focus is on using food to nourish body, mind and spirit and derive pleasure and satisfaction eating.  If your group would like to host a Gold Apron event contact Brook Orr.

Brooke Orr MS, RD, LDN

(336) 758-6410


Learn how to make a meal in a mug in under 3 minutes! More meal in a mug recipes here.

Plant Powered Performance

The Blue Zones project assembled a team of medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers, and epidemiologists to search for evidence-based common denominators among all places where people lived the longest at their healthiest.

They found 9, one of which is Plant Slant.  This principle is seen in the Mediterranean Diet, which won the gold as 2019’s best overall diet in rankings announced 1/16/19, by US News and World Report.

At Wake Forest University we apply this plant forward concept in our Performance Dining Program.  Performance Dining’s mission is to educate you on picking foods for function that support and fuel your physical and mental performance.  One aspect of the Performance Dining Plate is to reduce the portion sizes of meat consumed and increase total vegetable intake.  This is not a diet, or perfection focused program, the goal is to provide education on healthy eating within an all foods fit context. Click HERE for more Performance Dining information.

There is a student dining committee who meets to further this plant forward performance focused approach, for more information contact Brian Cohen