Back to School: Spring 2024 Edition

Being a freshman at college can be quite overwhelming, and our Harvest Table Culinary Group teams are always working hard to make each semester exciting!

For our back-to-school feature, we interviewed some rising seniors about what they wish they knew as freshmen. Here are their responses about Deacon Dining:

  • “The Pit always publishes their menu on their website for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you can always check in advance.”
  • “Harvest Table offers an upscale dining option every weekday for lunch inside the Mag room.”
  • “Students with dietary restrictions can contact Harvest Table’s RD, Madison Fishler to ask questions or go over personal concerns.”
  • “Students can apply for the Stress Less Pantry which offers gluten-free and dairy-free options”
  • “Pitsgiving is the biggest Deacon Dining event so make sure to be early and save a table!”
  • “If you run out of food dollars you can purchase more through
  • “Eating at the Pit alone shouldn’t be your biggest fear.”
  • “You are able to increase or decrease your meal plan up until August 1st for the 2023 fall semester.”
  • “ You can check your food dollar balance on WIN.”
  • “Doing a full lap around the Pit is a must before choosing what you want! They often sneak some goodies by the pizza station.”
  • “Being nice to Pit workers is really rewarding”
  • “You can leave napkin notes as feedback on the board in front of dish drop-off.” 
  • “Monday nights at the Pit are always busy but it’s a perfect time to meet people.”

–  Jimena Elmufdi, WFU Communications Major, Class of 2024